A History of Samurai Helmets at Sotheby’s

These are just some of the great helmets that have been under lot at Sotheby’s. With more than a thousand years of turbulence, violence, civil war, and conflict between ruling Lords and clans. The highest status warrior at the time was the Samurai, and he demanded armor of similar quality, to his determination and values.

A Japanese Samurai helmet is made up of a couple of key parts. Also known as a kabuto, the helmet was made from a helmet bowl called a hachi. This was then attached to a neck guard, also known as a shikoro.

The neck guard is assembled from rows of tiny little lacquered, and overlapping scales of the metal Iron or rawhide connected together with a leather thong to help safeguard against arrows.

You can see the full collection that was for sale here.

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