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What are some famous samurai battles in Japan?

There were many struggles for power in Japan during the period the samurai played a bit part in society. Find out some of the battles here.

Places to See Samurai History When Visiting Modern Day Japan

If you are visiting Japan, here is a breakdown of some of the must-see places to make memories.

The History of Samurai Warfare

This post is all about the brutal warfare that took place, known as Samurai Warfare, as it was so specific to the ways and traditions of the samurai. Where did the term originate, and how did samurai

Samurai that Changed Japan’s Society

This article will give you an overview of the samurai history of Japan, from their founding in the 8th century to the rise of samurai warriors in the 20th century. You’ll learn about legendary figures like Oda

The First Samurai of Japan

This biography of Taira no Masakado also known as the first samurai covers the earliest years of the Heian era and his role as governor of Shimosa. During this period, the kokushi (officials) in the Kanto region

The First Black Samurai

A mysterious visitor arrived in Japan in 1579. What made him mysterious was that he was from Africa, and he was called Yasuke. Very much of his story still remains a mystery to this day, and there

Shimazu Yoshihisa

Shimazu Yoshihisa’s childhood and rise to power Yoshihisa was born in 1538, the son of Shogun Ieyasu. The young Yoshihisa was placed in the care of the abbot of Kennin-ji Temple, who educated him until he was

Honda Tadakatsu

Who is Honda Tadakatsu? He is one of the most famous and popular samurai in the Sengoku Jidai period. Honda was born in 1548 and became a samurai based on his father’s wishes. His father’s wish for

Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo is regarded as the most famous Japanese Samurai ever. He survived numerous battles and was one of the few Samurai to excel in both military and literary arts. Hattori Hanzo was born into a low-rank

Uesugi Kenshin

Samurai warriors in Japan in the 16th century were among the most elite in the world. They were preeminent warriors, expert swordsmen, and dedicated followers of honor and loyalty. The life of a samurai was not easy,