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Samurai Wives and Their Activities During Peaceful Times

How did samurai wives occupy their time? It was full of exciting activities, not only shopping at the local markets but fun games and essential farming work where the main stay of the day.

How did the samurai live and bring up a family?

You might think bringing up a family is fun today, but how about living in a samurai family? Life was proudly about serving the greater good of the community.

Places to See Samurai History When Visiting Modern Day Japan

If you are visiting Japan, here is a breakdown of some of the must-see places to make memories.

How Were Samurais Chosen Traditionally?

Samurai names were passed down through generations with some unique implementations and representations. Here is how samurai names were chosen.

Religious influences

What exactly were the religious influences on Japan during the various societal changes?

The role that Samurai women played in Japanese society

Normally Samurai women were present only in the home. That was until the civil war of 1868, where they found themselves in battle together, resurrecting this sacred combination not seen since the early 17th century. To first

The History of Bushido In Japan

Bushido is an ancient code of the samurai warriors in Japan. It was developed in the Edo period when feudal society was at the peak of its power. Bushido is a warrior’s code, which includes honor, dignity,


It was during the Edo period that the urbanization of Japan really began to pick up, and with the rise in wealth around all citizens, there became a great value placed on the culture of the arts.


In early feudal Japan, the women that samurai choose as their wives were expected to maintain the household while their husbands were away fighting. Wives were known as okugatasama, which is translated to mean the one who


It was tradition for a samurai to have an arranged marriage. It was usually the job of a samurai friend or relation who held the same rank or higher, to arrange the partner. It was often difficult