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How were samurai swords crafted traditionally?

The Katana was a feared weapon used by the samurai every day to keep peace and order and for battle. FInd out how the blade is made, folded, and finished to be a symbol of this great

What are some famous samurai battles in Japan?

There were many struggles for power in Japan during the period the samurai played a bit part in society. Find out some of the battles here.

Samurai Wives and Their Activities During Peaceful Times

How did samurai wives occupy their time? It was full of exciting activities, not only shopping at the local markets but fun games and essential farming work where the main stay of the day.

Life during the Warring States period for samurai

The Warring States period in Japanese history was a fascinating time to be a samurai. Find out more.

How did the samurai live and bring up a family?

You might think bringing up a family is fun today, but how about living in a samurai family? Life was proudly about serving the greater good of the community.

Places to See Samurai History When Visiting Modern Day Japan

If you are visiting Japan, here is a breakdown of some of the must-see places to make memories.

How Were Samurais Chosen Traditionally?

Samurai names were passed down through generations with some unique implementations and representations. Here is how samurai names were chosen.

Is The Last Samurai based on history?

If you have seen the film The Last Samurai, you might wonder how much creative flair went into the storyline vs. what was factually correct. I'll reveal the details here.

The History of Samurai Warfare

This post is all about the brutal warfare that took place, known as Samurai Warfare, as it was so specific to the ways and traditions of the samurai. Where did the term originate, and how did samurai

Religious influences

What exactly were the religious influences on Japan during the various societal changes?