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Samurai Scroll Being Cataloged In UK

A huge 15m or 49ft Japanese scroll showing many Samurai’s in battle has given all museum archivers a huge smile. It is a dedication to the 11th Century Gosannen War. Don’t get too excited, this is only

Mysterious 500-Year-Old Samurai Scroll Prooves Spirits Are Real

Just recently discovered is a Samurai text scroll known as the “Sword Scroll“. It goes on to show some of the most well-trained fighting techniques, with elaborate methods and amazing combinations. The text was written, is to


In early feudal Japan, the women that samurai choose as their wives were expected to maintain the household while their husbands were away fighting. Wives were known as okugatasama, which is translated to mean the one who


It was tradition for a samurai to have an arranged marriage. It was usually the job of a samurai friend or relation who held the same rank or higher, to arrange the partner. It was often difficult


Samurai had one of the most interesting methods of naming themselves in history. They would look to the past and use one kanji character from either their father or grandfather and then from the present, and one


The education of the samurai began at an early age. From the age of 3, they were trained in the basics of self-defense and fencing using wooden swords. A young child would then be given a miniature