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The First Black Samurai

A mysterious visitor arrived in Japan in 1579. What made him mysterious was that he was from Africa, and he was called Yasuke. Very much of his story still remains a mystery to this day, and there

Miyamoto Musashi – Famous Swordsman

Who is Miyamoto Musashi and why is he so well-known? The most well-known samurai in Japanese history, Miyamoto Musashi is famous for his mastery of the Japanese sword arts. Born in 1584 to a farming family, Musashi

Date Masamune – One-Eyed Dragon

Masamune-dono’s Early Life and How He Became a Samurai Warrior Masamune-dono, or Date Masamune, was born on October 22, 1567. His father was “Date Terumune” and his mother was “Mikawa Ujiko”. He became the first daimyo of