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In Japan, the armor was worn as early as the 4th century by foot soldiers. This was called tanko, and was made as a simple iron breastplate. It wasn’t until the Heian period that the armor evolved

Hand Weapons

The tambo (短棒) is a short staff, normally less than 1 meter in length. The tambo is a short staff, normally less than 1 meter in length. It can be used as a walking stick, support for


There were 2 types of firearms that samurai’s in japan became most commonly associated with, these were cannons, and tanegashima (Japanese matchlock). Cannon’s were used to protect castle walls from intruders and served as a means of

Pole Weapons

There were 2 types of pole weapons to dominate samurai use in Japan. These were the yari (槍), and the naginata (なぎなた, 薙刀). The yari came in a huge number of varieties, with each having different blade


The yumi (弓) was a type of longbow that was used by the samurai for ceremonial, hunting, and sport events, but also extensively during the feudal periods. There were 2 types of yumi. The regular size was

Japanese Swords

It is obvious to make the connection with samurai and samurai swords, but the evolution of the Japanese sword, and its history is in-depth with many different stages of development before the modern method of making the well-known