Mysterious 500-Year-Old Samurai Scroll Prooves Spirits Are Real

Just recently discovered is a Samurai text scroll known as the “Sword Scroll“. It goes on to show some of the most well-trained fighting techniques, with elaborate methods and amazing combinations. The text was written, is to be claimed, around 500 years ago. Its history begins with 2 Samurai that were elite members who have written and drawn it, and now it is translated into Japanese, and then to English. By 2 Kobudo masters.

Some of the text is very humble in judgment and direction. “A Samurai should have no evil in his heart” Also how all parts of his body and movement must be in harmony. Many of the lessons in the text are also practical. How a Samurai shouldn’t have taken on too many enemies. Terrain, and environmental advice about not entering mounting roads infested with brigands.

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