The new Anime on Netflix featuring Japans First Black Samurai

The new Netflix Anime series features the life and times of Yasuke. A famous traveling bodyguard, who became a Samurai for one of the most powerful Feudal Lords at the time. It is a fascinating story, although doesn’t last very long, as there is nothing on record about him after he was injured on the battlefield and led away.

Yasuke now features in a popular adaption of his life, all be it, slightly fantastical, with giant robots, and mystery forces and spirits. It’s a land of mechanoids and magic, and Yasuke is the greatest Samurai of all time who struggles to keep a peaceful existence after leading a much more bloody past. As he lives out his life a local village starts to become the center of social unrest with the warring daimyo. Yasuke feels compelled to transport a mysterious child, who becomes the target of the bloodhungry warlords, and dark forces of sorcery. This is sure to be a Netflix favorite going by the number of views the trailer has.

You can read much more about the life of Yasuke here.

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