Samurai that Changed Japan’s Society

This article will give you an overview of the samurai history of Japan, from their founding in the 8th century to the rise of samurai warriors in the 20th century. You’ll learn about legendary figures like Oda

The First Samurai of Japan

This biography of Taira no Masakado also known as the first samurai covers the earliest years of the Heian era and his role as governor of Shimosa. During this period, the kokushi (officials) in the Kanto region

The role that Samurai women played in Japanese society

Normally Samurai women were present only in the home. That was until the civil war of 1868, where they found themselves in battle together, resurrecting this sacred combination not seen since the early 17th century. To first

The History of Bushido In Japan

Bushido is an ancient code of the samurai warriors in Japan. It was developed in the Edo period when feudal society was at the peak of its power. Bushido is a warrior’s code, which includes honor, dignity,

A History of Samurai Helmets at Sotheby’s

These are just some of the great helmets that have been under lot at Sotheby’s. With more than a thousand years of turbulence, violence, civil war, and conflict between ruling Lords and clans. The highest status warrior

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan on Netflix

This is a six-part series on Samurai historical details from the final few decades of the Sengoku Jidai. It was a 150 year period of regular civil unrest and war. The show has many historian interviews, as

Interesting Facts about Samurai Times in Japan

Difference between Ninja & Samurai? It was a Samurai that had a high-class reputation who that even in mortal combat he would adhere to the Bushido code of ethics, of the historic Japanese society. Ninjas on the

Samurai Scroll Being Cataloged In UK

A huge 15m or 49ft Japanese scroll showing many Samurai’s in battle has given all museum archivers a huge smile. It is a dedication to the 11th Century Gosannen War. Don’t get too excited, this is only

Mysterious 500-Year-Old Samurai Scroll Prooves Spirits Are Real

Just recently discovered is a Samurai text scroll known as the “Sword Scroll“. It goes on to show some of the most well-trained fighting techniques, with elaborate methods and amazing combinations. The text was written, is to

Samurai Loyalty vs Love

Many Samurai performed a sacrifice of their life. Thanks to their ingrained loyalty to their Lord’s well-being, such that if anything should happen to him, the Samurai would be obliged to perform an honorable death. It had