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Date Masamune – One-Eyed Dragon

Masamune-dono’s Early Life and How He Became a Samurai Warrior Masamune-dono, or Date Masamune, was born on October 22, 1567. His father was “Date Terumune” and his mother was “Mikawa Ujiko”. He became the first daimyo of

Takeda Shingen

Who is Takeda Shingen? He was born in 1521 to a peasant family who lived near the city of Nagoya. Takeda Shingen was a Samurai who lived from 1521 to 1573. He was from Kai province and

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Toyotomi Hideyoshi was one of the three great unifiers of Japan, along with his former lord, Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu. He rose to power by exploiting a flaw in the shogunate system. He was able to

Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga was a 16th-century samurai who is revered for his contributions to the unification of Japan. Nobunaga was born in 1534 in one of the most powerful clans of samurai, the Oda clan. His father, Oda

Tokugawa Shogunate

The Tokugawa Shogunate was a feudal Japanese military government, which existed between  1600 and 1868. At the head of the government was the Shogun. All members are referred to as members of the Tokugawa clan, and these

Famous Samurai

Known as the medieval knights of Japan, Samurai have captured the attention of the world’s popular culture. With their fascinating ways, lifestyles, and strict code of honor, people have been captivated by their stories. The reign of

Azuchi Momoyama

The period is known as Azuchi Momoyama (安土桃山時代) spans from 1573-1603. It is the last part of the Sengoku period, which intersected with the Muromachi period. This was a significant time in Japan, as the country drew

Ashikaga shogunate

Ashikaga clan was the most powerful military force in the history of Japan. This clan managed to take control of Japan by using their power and cunning. The Ashikaga clan was established by the first shogun, Ashikaga

Japanese Periods Timeline

This is an infographic of Japanese Periods through the years.


The period in Japan known as the Kamakura period took place approximately between 1185–1333 AD. This period was when samurai power was at its height, and the country was ruled by the feudal military government, appointed by